[An installation view of a gallery space with concrete floors, a white wall to the right, and a set of windows and white-painted radiators toward the back. Four red waiting room chairs are installed back-to-back in two rows. At the center of the four chairs is a coffee table with bowed wooden legs. Behind the installation is a palm, its fronds extending a head above the chairs.]


[A frontal installation view of two red chairs, with a wooden coffee table between them, and a palm in a black plastic pot to their left. On the coffee table sits a stack of papers. On the wall behind is pinned a text document printed on computer-sized paper, with a wall label beside it.]


[An installation shot of two visitors sitting catercorner in red waiting room chairs. The nearer visitor sits with feet on the edge of the chair, hands holding a phone against their knees. The further visitor reads a newspaper-print publication. On the wall is an in-progress installation of photographic prints arranged in a partial grid.]


[Eight photographic prints of equal size are pinned in two rows, in a partial grid, on a wall. The prints show the same newspaper-print publication in different interior spaces, surrounded variably by other texts and objects.]


[A close-up of a stack of newspaper-print publications sitting on a square wooden coffee table, with parts of four red waiting room chairs visible. The publication reads: "Notes for the Waiting Room" in italic serif font, above a computer graphic of a leaf.]


[A spread of the newspaper-print publication. The left page is titled "Being Your Own Advocate: Doctor's Appointment Prep Questions," with three columns of questions categorized "before appointment," "questions/concerns about treatment," "after appointment," leaving room for writing beneath each question. The right page is titled "Pain Addendum," with panels of text, hand-drawn graphics of blank speech bubbles, and blank boxes — the latter two leaving space left for the reader to fill in.]


Carolyn Lazard and Jesse Cohen

Notes for the Waiting Room, 2017

installation with accompanying publication (Canaries and Taraneh Fazeli), and images of its distribution, dimensions variable

Photo credit: Matthew Vicari