[Fourteen portrait-orientation screenshots of Instagram posts from user c_lion666, arranged in a grid, with timestamps, captions, comments, and likes whited out. Each photo shows an arm bearing varied intravenous tubes, reaching out to hold a book. The background varies, showing surrounding hospital furniture, and sometimes, other parts of the patient's body. Most book covers are held up frontally — titles including Ann Cvetkovich's Archive of Feelings, Octavia Butler's Dawn, Joanna Russ's The Female Man, Dodie Bellamy's TV Sutras, Alison Kafer's Feminist Queer Crip, Audre Lorde's Sister Outsider — save for one, which shows a block quote: "Medicine's prime contribution to sexist ideology has been to describe women as sick, and as potentially sickening to men." Time passing is marked by a change in Instagram's interface, from black and blue toolbars to white.]


In Sickness and Study, 2015—present

digital photography series (site-specific installation on Instagram), dimensions variable